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Mohit Sureka
Founder & CEO
Spiel, Inc.

We are thrilled to announce the sequel to our popular franchise, Galaxy Run! The new title is called Galaxy Run 2 - Endless Loop! where you need to help get Rez and his new found friends home. Galaxy Run 2 takes forward the One-Tap gameplay from it's predecessor and converts it into a 3D Endless Runner with rotating and twisting platforms. Tap to Jump between platforms and run as far as you can. The game becomes highly challenging and addictive as the speed increases and with new platforms and power-ups. You can also invite and compete with your Facebook Friends,…
You have seen his dance moves, can you make him fly? The Holiday update of 2012 for Propel Man has now gone Live in which we have introduced a new character "Korean Dude". The players can now unlock this character and try to make him fly. We have specifically released this update at a time when Gangnam Style will become the first video in history to clock a billion views. It has been an intentional decision to release this character as a Holiday update to celebrate this milestone which will be one of the bigger moments in digital history. It…
Aqua Jam is the latest iOS game to be developed by Spiel Studios, in association with Wizards Production and Published by 6 Waves, Inc., which is now available on iTunes Appstore. Aqua Jam targets both casual and action gamers to take up the role of a family who is fighting to rescue their kidnapped parents, fight various enemies that attack you with different weapons. You can buy better weapons and upgrades to defend yourself and beat the pirates! Features: * 35 levels and 7 different worlds with unique graphics and enemies in each world * 8 different weapons and upgrades…
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