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Propel Man Set To Catapult Itself To The Top Of The Game Charts? previews Propel Man before it's launch.

When you mention the words “catapult” and “touch” in the same breath, chances are you’re referring to Rovio Entertainment’s Angry Birds, the series of games whose simple touch-based gameplay has catapulted it to fame. Of course, there are a considerable number of other games in the App Store to which those two words can also be applied with sense. There are also games in question that don’t make use of the fortress destruction gameplay made popular by Angry Birds. One such game is the upcoming Propel Man from Spiel Studios.

Propel Man is about a chirpy guy who loves nothing but to fly. Using a catapult and a simple single-touch control method, you’re called upon by Propel Man to help him do what he loves most. As you can see in the promotional video below, the game requires careful consideration of catapult angles, which should lead to Propel Man’s being propelled towards the sky and past the finish line back on the ground.

As you progress level after level, you need to achieve higher altitudes and cover longer distances. To help you with the increasingly difficult challenges, you can take advantage of other types of catapults and rocket suits, among other upgrades from the in-game shop. You also need to clear any oncoming obstacles, including birds who may or may not be angry at Propel Man for encroaching upon their territory.

Equipped with Retina graphics for all Retina-enabled iOS devices (including the new iPad) and boosted by a catchy soundtrack, Propel Man is coming to the App Store for iPhone and iPad next Thursday, April 5.

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iPhone Life Reviews Propel Man

I probably say this more often than I should, but it still amazes me that often the most basic concepts can be the most addictive.  Such is the case with the game Propel Man, which falls under the genre of “launch and watch” in terms of game play.  It’s certainly a concept you’ve seen many a time before, but Propel Man presents itself in such a way that it almost feels like a fresh take on the idea.  Slick audio and visual elements certainly don’t hurt the cause either.

Overall score: 8/10

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App-Score Reviews Propel Man

This game is very and easy to play and it is one of the games I feel actually works on the smaller screen of the iPhone and iPod touch as it is simple press and hold controls. I recommend this game to anyone with a few minutes to pass.

Rating: 9/10

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