Monday, 03 December 2012 09:33

Crazy "Korean Dude" comes to Propel Man in Holiday update!

You have seen his dance moves, can you make him fly?

The Holiday update of 2012 for Propel Man has now gone Live in which we have introduced a new character "Korean Dude".

The players can now unlock this character and try to make him fly.

We have specifically released this update at a time when Gangnam Style will become the first video in history to clock a billion views. It has been an intentional decision to release this character as a Holiday update to celebrate this milestone which will be one of the bigger moments in digital history. It is a tribute by us to all the fans who have viewed and loved this video and made it a grand success.

We have just not added the new character in the game for presentation sake, but the gameplay mechanics have also been altered and we have also added distinctive dance moves which will be shown after winning each level!

Come join the fun and make him fly!

Propel Man, available for Free, Universal build.


Disclaimer: Spiel Inc. or it's subsidaries have not infringed any copyrights or claim to have used "Gangnam Style" or any third party Intellectual Property in any of it's products including Propel Man. All characters and creatives inside the game is purely a work of inspiration and imagination and do not resemble any person living or dead.