Slumber Sam

“Meet Sam, the sleepy head. Do what you can but don’t let him fall asleep.”

The game features “Sam”, your sleepy friend who always tends to fall asleep. Sam is fat and lazy and likes nothing but sleeping. Trouble and annoy Sam by throwing various objects at him and not let him sleep. Do not miss all the special reactions by Sam when you try to hit him!


You can also play the Zen Mode to knock Sam down by hitting him continuously without missing and make the highest score in 60 seconds. The more you hit him without missing the more your multiplier increases and more you score.

There are many unique power ups in the game, which would help you to make a huge high score, with which you can brag amongst your friends and challenge them to beat your score on Game Center.

Come play the game every day to complete the various Daily challenges and receive big rewards to unlock upgrades and to buy power ups.

Live on Appstore from July 10, 2013


- Simple swipe gameplay
- 2 Different gameplay modes to keep you engaged
- Choose from around 10 objects to throw at Sam. Each with unique reactions.
- Beautiful 3D rendered graphics with real sound effects


- "It's Time To Annoy And Wake Slumbering Sam" - Appadvice (4.5 star rating)